Use Swimming Pools to Swim Your Way to Better Health  

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2011 in Articles

Obesity is rapidly becoming an epidemic in America and it is also one of the leading causes of other serious medical problems including heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes and all of the secondary complications that can follow these medical conditions. Swimming pools may actually help to ease some of these conditions.

And it takes two prong approach to losing weight, especially massive weight, including diet and exercise. And while a proper healthy lifestyle change can be managed by a dietician and physician to control food intake and educate an overweight person on healthier eating habits, exercising, the vital second prong to weight loss success can be more than overwhelming it can be physically impossible to do.

For someone who weighs three hundred or more pounds just walking to the end of their driveway can be an exhausting task, making a workout regime seem like an unobtainable goal. However there is hope and there is a viable weight loss option for people who are obese, have arthritis or have other medical conditions that would make traditional exercise programs off limits and that is swimming.

And almost every community has a public swimming pools that offer exercise classes and programs to help its community members utilize the resources of their local pool. The benefits to working out in a swimming pool are huge and the results are almost instantaneous. Since water in swimming pools creates a natural resistance with every movement you make, just walking laps in the pool is burning more calories than walking the same distance on land without the resistance of water. And water aerobics classes are especially geared for people who aren't good candidates for traditional exercise programs so cliental in these classes know their workouts are targeted for their body mass and weight loss needs.

Given enough activity in the swimming pool, whether it's swimming, walking or doing an aerobic workout, you can usually improve your stamina and improve your ability to breath as the weight falls off which creates a positive circle of cause and effect. With less weight to contend with many obese people are then able to incorporate other exercise activities into their regime or workout to make their total weight loss that much faster and easier.

If your community doesn't have a local swimming pool you may want to consider the option of having your own swimming pool installed so you will always have access to a good workout and unlike a gym membership that you won't use on a regular basis, most people who own their own swimming pool will use it every day even if they don't need to stay in shape.

Talk to your doctor if you are currently obese or in danger of becoming obese and ask if a swimming regime would be a good fit for your health and your abilities. You might be surprised how good of an investment a pool will be not only for your health but for the health of your family as well.

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