Use Your Gym's Pool To The Max  

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2010 in Articles

If you currently belong to a fitness club that has a pool and aren't using that pool, you are basically throwing money down toilet each month. Pools can be expensive to maintain, especially large ones like a fitness club will usually have. Your monthly membership pays for that maintenance, so take a dive into the deep end and expand your workout routine by incorporating some pool exercises.

Once I started adding fitness sports like water polo and swimming to my routine, I was surprised by the results. Having never played water polo before, I was unaware how difficult a sport it is and what a wonderful workout it is. Luckily, my gym has a small water polo league which I proceeded to join.

There is also a fun game of water volleyball that my gym sponsors twice a month. While it may not be as intense a workout as some other gym sports, it is so much fun. And everyone needs to have a good time and escape the monotony of always working out at the gym.

I started feeling more in shape and healthy so I also decided to partake in a water aerobics class. For those who have never taken a class like that before, may I recommend taking one before becoming a nay sayer. The pool is for more than just a gym sport.

The natural resistance that the water offers adds a challenge to any movement you perform. By adding webbed gloves to your hands your muscles are worked be even the simple task of moving your arm through the water.

In addition, the water's innate ability to reduce gravity and pressure makes it a perfect workout for the elderly and anyone with joint pain or other conditions. My grandmother takes classes now and she told me that the difference it has made in her mobility is remarkable. Just treading water is a great exercise for someone to improve leg strength without putting pressure on joints. She's climbing the stairs in her house all by herself for the first time in years.

The pool is also a great location to finish an exercise routine. Swimming in a slow controlled manner stretches parts of your body and helps you to cool off after a vigorous workout.

Whether you want to play a gym sport [] like water polo, take a water aerobics class or just to spice up your exercise routine, take advantage of all your fitness club has to offer, including the pool.

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