Use Your Imagination - Other Exciting Swimming Pool Games

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2009 in Articles

Pool games can be fun especially when you have a lot of players. Instead of doing the regular lap games where you race in friendly competition, there are other games you can undergo, which are definitely more exciting. If you use your imagination, you will be able to invent your own games which everyone can participate in. Until you have made your own activities, you should try these games.

Sports - Who ever said that swimming is the only sport you can play in a pool? Nowadays, you can actually play sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and many others. There are nets, hoops and inflatable balls sold in the market for your pool needs. Marco Polo - This is probably a classic game but instead of playing it on land, you can do it in the water. Select someone and blindfold them. This person will stay in the middle and chase after the people around him. The one he catches will take his place. Tug of War - Instead of falling into the mud, losers will fall into the pool. Each group will stand at opposite side of the pool and start pulling until someone falls and loses.
Sharks and Fishes - The objective of the game is for everyone (the fishes) to start at one end of the pool and reach the other end. However, before they can do this, a person chosen to be a shark will be in the middle of the pool, trying to stop them by tagging them. Those who are able to cross and go back win.

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