Use Your Noodle And Have Fun Doing It!  

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2008 in Articles

Want some cheap pool fun? Swim noodles, occasionally referred to as water woggles, are simply an amazing invention. Swim noodles are a circular piece of polystyrene that has been extruded six feet long and that is totally unsinkable. Swim noodles, or swimming woggles, may be used for children to play with in the pool, and to lean on and then kick their way up and then down, just to have a little fun. They also make for a great noodle fight

Swim noodles have a serious side as well. They may be used for non swimmers in order to take their first couple of dips within the pool to get their confidence up in the water. They are a great way to learn how to float as well - lay back and just relax within the water. Noodles are a great fitness too also. Within aquarobics, they are used in order to exercise the arms by pushing them on down into the water.

Now that you know what swim noodles are, you can use them to have fun, relax or get fit. Swim noodles are lots of fun and inexpensive. If you were to take a look online, they would cost you around three dollars each, in addition to the shipping charges. However, you most likely will be able to find them at your local dollar store for less than two dollars.

Here is an example for using you noodle. Take a hollow swim noodle and hold it under the water one of your hands, you can use the other hand to point the swim noodle at other people and spray them with water.

If you have good balance you can ride the swim noodles like horses. All you have to do is sit down right in the middle of the swim noodles so that you straddle the noodle like a horse. It is a lot of fun to bounce around like this. If just one noodle will not float you, add a couple next to each other.

If you are in the sallow end of the pool you can walk around in the pool with a noodle under each one of your feet, hold the noodle right in the middle and then push it down until you are able to get your foot on it, then you are going to do the same thing with another noodle for your other foot and then you may walk around within the swimming pool.

Remember that the swim noodle is great also for exercising; especially for waist exercises, leg stretches, arm exercises, and leg exercises

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