Use a Salt Water Pool Chlorinator to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

by Pool Builders on 01-09-2012 in Articles

One of the reasons that some people would rather drive hours to get to a beach to swim rather than dive into a swimming pool, is because they are worried about what the long term effects of the chemicals that are used to clean and maintain the ph balance of the swimming pool water. Many people have worried that the chemicals used to maintain the water could cause cancer. For years, no one really paid much attention to these allegations, however the Environmental Health Perspectives has done a study that provides evidence that the chemicals that are used to clean the swimming pool water can lead to an increased risk of your developing cancer later in your life.

The good news is that avoiding a potential diagnosis of cancer doesn't mean that you have to board up your pool. You just have to stop using chemicals to clean the swimming pool.

Don't assume that not using the chemicals means that you are doomed to a life of murky water. It doesn't. If you are serious about lowering your risk of cancer, all you have to do is start using a salt water pool chlorinator instead of the chemicals that you have used in the past.

Once the salt water pool chlorinator has been installed into your swimming pool you will use the number of gallons of water that your pool holds to determine the amount of salt you should add to the swimming pool water. Once you the correct amount of salt has been added, the salt water pool chlorinator will convert the salt into which gets rid of all the algae and bacteria that is in your water. Once the swimming pool water is clean, the converts back to salt. The salt water pool chlorinator makes sure that the process keeps repeating itself so that you never have to worry about sanitizing your swimming pool ever again. The only thing you will have to occasionally do is check the salt content. Some of the salt will be lost when water is splashed out of the pool, so you so occasionally have to add a little more.

The fact that there is no longer any need to dump all kinds of chemicals into your swimming pool water means that you will be able to dive into the water without worrying that you could be increasing the odds of you developing cancer later in your life. The more immediate advantage that comes from you making the change to a salt water pool chlorinator is that you'll notice your hair and skin don't dry out so much after you've been swimming and that the water doesn't sting your eyes.

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