Use of spa chemicals  

by Pool Builders on 06-22-2011 in Articles

For hot tub consumers it is very important to work with chemicals branded for use in spa water. Using chemicals that are suitable for swimming pools might cause severe difficulties due to levels and the ph and mineral content of several pool sanitizers along with balancers. Swimming pool chemical substances should never be employed to treat any spa or hot tub. Simply products labeled for spa as well as hot tub use must be applied to spa water. Lots of the big box stores offer both pool and spa/hot bath chemicals. The trouble with buying large box chemical substances is that you really don't know what you really are getting. One of them is an item sold in large box retailers for use throughout oxidizing hot tub water. It turns out this system is the same as a pool area chemical only re-packaged. The problem with by using this chemical in the spa/hot tub is it can cause serious damage to the heaters and is a dangerous product to use and handle. This is just one example of precisely how the big field stores repackage and then sell on cheap with no concern regarding the end user or perhaps their investment. Much of what the big box stores offer comes from abroad and is be subject to contaminants, verbosity and binders. Several fillers along with binders can cause surface staining. It is necessary not to combine brands yet use all substances in the same brand whenever possible. This makes sure that you are getting the exact same percentage, dosage and resource chemical consistently.

Switching brands and buying totally on price can result in chemistry difficulties and harm to the spa. One example is actually clarifiers. There is a mis-conception that will clarifiers should be utilized only when the water transforms cloudy. Although clarifiers will work in order to cloudy water, the true purpose of the clarifier is to reduce water from getting cloudy in the first place. Therefore, clarifiers should be utilized weekly. It can make a difference which sort or clarifier can be used. Use a natural non-petroleum based clarifier. After all, oil inside hot water isn't a good thing. Hot tubs should be viewed as entirely completely different from a swimming pool and those who care for them should make sure there is a proper knowledge of the make-up of the origin water, the equipment and most particularly that the proper chemicals are used. Avoid the cheap huge box chemical compounds. Buy from one particular brand collection as much as possible and also trust your neighborhood professionals. They have got had years of experience to help you understand the water with your tub.

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