Use the Most-Effective Type of Pool Heater

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

If wishing to use the swimming pool in the mild to cool temperature conditions, it certainly helps to have a high-performance heating system in place. A pool heater is likely to relate to the gas, heat pump, and solar systems. Each of these heating systems comes with its own positives and negatives. Here is an overview of the main types of pool heaters -

Solar System

A cost-effective option for heating the swimming pool includes the solar designed systems. A solar system comes in two separate parts which relates to the solar panels mounted to a rooftop or similar place and the heating unit. Most of the solar systems work when there is some degree of sunlight during the daylight hours. A quality aspect of this type of heating system is the low-cost for the ongoing use. Once the system is installed, the cost to run the heating is kept to a minimal since the energy to heat the system is provided by the sun.

A solar system is highly effective at heating the pool water provided the outside temperature is in the region of 60° F or above. In very cold conditions this type of heating isn't likely to provide the level of warmth that is required for using an outside pool. A further negative of this type of heating is the initial installation costs are the highest of the three systems available on the market.

Heat Pump

An electric-powered heating system like the heat pump is highly effective at providing the ideal water temperature for the pool. A heat pump system requires outside temperatures at 45° F or above since it takes the warm air from the atmosphere and uses that to help with heating the water.

Most of these heating systems are designed to operate with energy efficiency in mind, so the cost to run isn't too excessive. But since this type of heating comes with a lot of moving parts and components it is necessary to put in place a regular schedule of maintenance to make sure the unit is kept in full working order.

Gas System

A desirable aspect of the gas designed system is the ability to heat the water within a short period. They operate on either natural gas or propane. A negative aspect of this type of system is that they are rated as the lease efficient, so more suited to situations where it isn't necessary to run the heating for long periods of time. A further issue relates to requiring more maintenance and costing more to maintain and repair in the event of a breakdown.

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