Used Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 04-20-2009 in Articles

One of the best values you can find right now for family entertainment is an above ground swimming pool. Above ground swimming pools cost considerably less than their in ground cousins. We are not just talking about a little money. The difference in your overall swimming pool costs could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Discount above ground swimming pools are much more readily available than a lot of people realize. Many people who think they cannot afford a swimming pool for their property might be surprised if they just took a few minutes to look in their local classified ads. It is not unusual at all to find outstanding deals being offered on used above ground swimming pools. By outstanding, I mean that these pools are sometimes even being given away for free by owners who no longer want to deal with swimming pool maintenance. Of course if you are considering free or used swimming pools [], you must use extra care before agreeing to take anything. You should look closely at each pool to see if it shows any signs of extreme wear and tear.

It is very likely that if somebody is giving away an above ground swimming pool it will be under the condition that the pool is given in "as is" condition. You should of course ask the person getting rid of the swimming pool and if there is anything you need to know about its history. If the pool has been seriously damaged, you do not want to take it unless you have plans of selling it for scrap. Many times however, pools are given away when children or grandchildren are no longer around to swim in them. If it is a case like this, you have a very nice chance of walking away with an outstanding deal.

Even if you cannot find a free swimming pool, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a used swimming pool being sold in your area. I know from experience that there are usually at least a few of these listed in the local classified ads for my area every spring and early summer. Usually these pools are still quite reasonably priced and well below the cost of a new swimming pool. It is very likely however that if you do purchase a used swimming pool or claim a free swimming pool, that you will have to purchase swimming pool accessories or at least a new above ground swimming pool liner to go with it. Even with having to purchase these additional items, you can still walk away with a very nice deal.

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