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by Pool Builders on 07-29-2010 in Articles

If you love swimming and you want to buy a house with a pool among the available Raleigh homes for sale, you must know first some useful information about this, like the different types of pools and the pros and cons of owing one.

Based on certain studies, the majority of low-end and middle-range home buyers prefer a home that does not have a swimming pool, since it requires high maintenance and adds up to expenses. Most higher-end houses often have pools; however, some are not even used. It would only be a good idea to own one if it would be used, so you should consider this carefully. If you really like swimming, then go ahead, but if not, it's better to skip it.

There are different kinds of swimming pools. You must be familiar with these if you plan on buying a home with one of these:

1. Gunite Pool - Even though this kind of pool is costly, it is still the most widely held among the others. Its construction is done by spewing a combination of concrete and sand into a dug hole. It is regarded as a permanent structure since it is an in-ground pool. It can be shaped practically any way you want it and it normally lasts for numerous years.

2. Vinyl Pool - This kind of in-ground pool is usually shaped rectangularly, but it can be shaped in some other available forms. In comparison to gunite pools, this does not cost as much because it's liners are made up of vinyl; however, the liners often need replacements after about ten years. These pools are common in locations where the temperature can go down below the freezing point in which they are drained during winter. It is created by digging up the ground and constructing support walls from various materials such as, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, or steel.

3. Above-Ground Pool - According to the NAR or the National Association of Realtors, this type of pool does not add value to a property since it is portable. An above-ground swimming pool is an inexpensive alternative for the traditional pools. You can install it by yourself if you want; you just need to purchase a do-it-yourself kit. Unlike an in-ground pool that takes weeks or even months to complete, it can be assembled in a few days.

Owning a home with a swimming pool has its benefits and drawbacks. Some of the advantages include the following:

1. There are many people who believe that a pool increases the yard's aesthetic value.
2. People who love hosting house parties use swimming pools as the center of entertainment since kids like them.
3. During the summer, pools can offer you a simple way to cool yourself down in an instant.
4. Some people prefer using their pools solely for in-water exercises and believes that they add health benefits.
5. In resales, a swimming pool adds value, especially in areas with warm weather.

Below are the drawbacks of having a house with a swimming pool:

1. Swimming pools require maintenance on a regular basis. They need cleaning, chemicals, and repairs after some time.
2. Pools can be dangerous for children left unsupervised. They can drown, which is the top cause of accidental deaths among kids from one up to four years of age.
3. Houses with swimming pools do not appeal to many home buyers.
4. Swimming pools occupy a large space which, in small yards, can overwhelm.
5. Insuring a property with a pool can cost a lot more and your utility bills can increase if you heat it up.

Before deciding to buy a home with a swimming pool in Raleigh real estate, you should think this through carefully and consider every factor because owning a pool is not for everybody.

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