Uses of Above Ground Pool Filter

by Pool Builders on 06-13-2010 in Articles

Most of the families today have their own swimming pool at home that they enjoy. A lot of pool owners nowadays don't know how to handle the maintenance of their pool and some have an idea on how to deal with it but are still confused on the difference of each product. As a matter of fact, many people still don't know what inground pool filters and above ground pool filters. In this article we will discuss on how the two filters differ from each other, their types, and the uses of it.

So how do inground pool filters differ from above pool ground filters? Well basically the two vary in price. There is huge difference between the two filters however there are also some things that have in common and sometimes have its differences.

Let's talk about first the similarities of the two filters. In terms of similarities, the filters have 3 same types of filters in common. The three types are: Sand filters, Cartridges, and Diatomaceous Earth. The filters work the same in both inground and above ground filters wherein the pump draws the water to the skimmer and then filtered by a specific media and then returned back to the pool.

On the other hand, the major difference of the two filters is the pool plumbing function and the fitting of pump and piping. This is considered as the major difference between the two because the two filters also the inground and above ground pool filters vary in size, flow, piping and pool plumbing. These differences mainly affect the filtration system of the swimming pool. In addition, flow of water has something to do also in filtering the water. The swimming pool should have enough water in order for the filter to work properly. Furthermore, the size of pool should be considered in identifying what filter to use. Whether to use above ground pool filter or the inground pool filter.

To sum it up, having the right knowledge that can help you in maintaining you swimming pool is really essential. Knowing the different uses of filters helps a lot in deciding what to use in your home. These things should be considered in having a filtration system at home. You should know these things in order for you to have a safe and conducive swimming pool at home. You can seek advices from friends or you can search the internet to learn more on how to use filters. Swimming pools should be properly handled for the safety of the kids as well as to keep their enjoyment while using it.

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