Using Above Ground Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2010 in Articles

Above ground pool liners are designed to provide long term protection to your pool's walls and floors. The smooth surface of these liners also protects swimmers and the pool itself from potential damage and harm. Cleaning and maintenance is also made easier with smooth walls and floors which is what you will have when you install these liners. On top of providing protection, aboveground pool liners also give your swimming pool an aesthetic appeal with different designs available in the market today.

Nowadays more durable above ground pool liners are available with advances in technology. Materials are thicker and with rubber-like characteristics that can resist common wear and tear. Given proper care and attention, aboveground pool liners these days can last much longer than the old models. To maintain and make sure that above ground pool liners last longer, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Always make sure that your pool has the right balance of chemicals. Too much acidity or alkalinity can cause damage to above ground pool liners. Regular monitoring of the water p'sH balance ensures that it is safe from acid damage resulting in premature tearing and thinning of liners. It also prevents too much alkalinity that causes above ground pool liners to crack. There are affordable and user-friendly pH strips available at local stores and dealers. Professionals can do regular tests to make sure that your pool maintains its pH balance. Chemicals are added appropriately to maintain the correct pH composition of your swimming pool. It may cost the owner some money but it is money well spent as it gives back more years of fun and enjoyment in your swimming pool with family and friends.

Calcium content is also vital to maintaining above ground pool liners. Water hardness is due to calcium presence and the right water hardness keeps liners strong. Too much and too little calcium can be harmful too. A licensed professional should be able to check calcium content in pool water. This should be done just once in a year since calcium content does not rapidly change like pH properties.

Deterioration of above ground pool liners can also be prevented by regular cleaning using mild solutions or cleansers. Make sure that the water in the pool is not completely drained to prevent shrinkage and tearing of liners. The filter and pump system should also be kept in good shape. Your filtration system maintains clean water and prevents buildup of chemicals that can possibly harm your swimming pool.

Pool owners have to make sure that holes and tears in your lining area immediately patched. Liner kits are available for repair works needed in above ground pool liners. More designs are also available to owners for more options to customize the overall look of their swimming pools. You can check out different colors and patterns online. These are easy to install and can enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool. You may check with your local pool dealer or go online for options that will suit your needs.

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