Using Automatic Controls to Help Maintain Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2010 in Articles

There are many products on the market to help maintain your swimming pool. An automatic pool cleaner is an ideal choice to help keep the pool clean. One of the best ways I have found to ensure the pool cleaner handles its duties on a regular basis is to set it up on an automatic timer.

When it comes to technology, the pool industry is moving right along. There is wide variety of automatic equipment available to control almost every aspect of pool maintenance. Some automatic pool controls even incorporate a salt water chlorination system. While some may find it quite relaxing to know that their pool equipment is relieving them of many routine maintenance chores, the cost involved in some of these setups may seem a little steep to the average pool owner.

While fully automatic systems may be nice, you may not have the need for such extravagances. One on a smaller budget can find some very good alternatives that are lees expensive. there are several brands of timer controls that can handle the job of running your pool pump and automatic pool cleaner

One popular unit Intermatic controls markets houses a circuit breaker panel as well as dual timers. With this setup the filter pump and cleaner booster pump can be controlled independently, allowing you to run your cleaner pump for for a shorter cycle than your filter pump.

Use care when configuring a control setup like this to always ensure that you have the cleaner pump interval running inside the filter pump interval. Damage to the booster pump could occur if it is not supplied with a constant flow of water from the pool pump

It's a good practice to operate your pool cleaner a few times when you will be present to attend it. This way you can ensure that it performs as expected and does not get hung up on objects in the pool. After you are sure that everything is running properly, set it up on the timers and let it take care of the cleaning at night or any other time that the pool will not be in use.

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