Using Automatic Pool Vac Cleaners to Save Time

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2009 in Articles

Boiling hot, the light of the sun heats a June afternoon, the lemonade isn't helping to bay the oppressive heat. Sweat beads at the forehead after the sun has set, and fans only toss the hot air around, nothing is allaying the temperature. Every summer it's the same thing, brain melting heat and no way to fix it. After years of denial, the inevitable finally happens, you install a pool.

It's time to relish in the cooling effects of H2O. There's a magical quality in the sun's reflection as it bounces off the minuscule waves frothing in the pool. Undisturbed in the early morning, the pool exists outside the work-a-day world we've grown accustom to. But as the sun rises, the refreshing sensation of diving into the water is unequivocal. The heat and stress are brushed away as the crisp water flows all around. Weightlessly floating in the pool like an astronaut hovering above the earth, the crashing sounds of the world are silenced. As your lungs tighten, the lack of oxygen becomes more apparent and forces you to leave your peaceful underwater domain. Emerging, the heat of the day vanishes; the memories of the heat trodden summers slip away, as new hydrated thoughts swim with your brain waves. 

As refreshing as this all sounds, there is a minor drawback; pools require maintenance. However, it is possible to lessen the workload. Dirt, leaves and bugs will find their way into the water. At times, it appears that the water collects the dregs magnetically. Years back it was necessary to purchase a vacuum hose and net to capture the debris. The cleaning would take ten to fifteen minutes two or more times a week to keep your oasis in pristine and working order. But thanks to the wonderful age we live in, automatic pool vac cleaners have been developed and perfected.

The type of pool you have, above or in-ground, will influence the choice you make when it comes to your auto cleaner. In-ground pools use one of the three machines: suction side, pressure type, and robotic. Suction side cleaners plug into a dedicated socket on the side of your pool. It then skims the floor and walls of your pool sucking up the debris. Pressure types are designed for pools with a pressure side connection and works similar to the Suction side cleaners. Unlike the other automatic cleaners, robotic cleaners operate independently of the pool pump. For a few dollars more robotic cleaners perform their task more efficiently and with less oversight, cleaning the surface and floors of your pool.

Similar to the suction side cleaners, above ground cleaners plug into the pump and work off a patented smart dive program. Skimming across the surface they detect where and how deep to dive, guaranteeing not to miss a spot. 

You can still purchase a manual pool vac cleaner, but the amount of time automatic cleaners save more than make up for their price. Enjoy the summer months with life affirming relaxation in your own backyard by defeating the summer heat without worrying about the maintenance a pool requires.   

Before buying your pool vac cleaner speak with a professional pool retailer to determine the exact type of system that will work best for you. Be at ease when you deflect the summer heat by taking a relaxing dip without fretting the maintenance. 

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