Using Color Pool Lights to Enhance Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 06-21-2011 in Articles

Having your own swimming pool is a luxury that many wish that they had. On hot summer days, being able to jump in and cool off at your leisure is great. Many people not only enjoy swimming during the day, but night swimming is also enjoyable. One of the best ways to enjoy this is with pool lighting. Not just lights around the deck, but actual color lights in the pool itself.

Color pool lights give your pool a great look. They can be used for a number of different reasons. If your family enjoys taking night time dips in the pool, color lights can be used to determine where the shallow end of the pool is and where the deep end begins. Using pool lighting for this purpose is great fro small children, or even people that do not know how to swim. It can give you a feeling of safety that you would not have if the pool was not illuminated. The pool lighting also makes it very easy for you to see if there is anything in the water.

The best reasons to have color pool lights is for the parties. Color lights look great when you are entertaining. You can have color lights in your pole that change colors. LED underwater light changing systems are very popular. With these lights you can have any color at anytime you want. Imagine on the Fourth of July being able to change the color of your pool to a beautiful red, white and blue for a night of patriotic swimming. The LED lights make it simple to switch to soft and slow changing colors for a night of romance with your partner. For the kids, you can have fast paced lights blinking making the pool a cool aura of color for them to swim in.

Color pool lighting is also great for games that you play in the water. You can use the different colors to determine where the boundaries are, or each color can represent different point levels.

Technology has come along way when it comes to color pool lighting. At one time when one bulb went out, all of the lights stopped working. Now with the advancements in LED lighting, when one light goes out, the rest of the lights still work. You only have to replace the light that has burned out.

So, if you are looking for a way to enhance your pool, color pool lights [] are a great way to do it. The add to the overall ambiance of the surroundings, along with adding a nice experience to night time swimming. Whether you are entertaining a group of friends, a birthday party for the children, or just looking for a romantic evening. Pool lighting can set the appropriate mood for any occasion.

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