Using Metal Primer for a Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-27-2014 in Articles

Metal primer is the essential paint for any metal object and this can even include swimming pools. While not all pools have a metal surface, many do have metal elements in them such as ladders or handholds that are made of metal and these will certainly need to be coated with the right kind of primer before the top coat is applied.

Some people decide to save money by painting their pool rather than allowing a professional painter to do the job. If you have not had much experience painting you need to make sure you read all the instructions on the can of paint carefully and follow them to the letter. In addition, don't skimp on purchasing safety items; you will need proper respiratory gear rather than a simple mask.

You have to remember that a pool is situated in the ground and so you will not get any breeze while you are standing on the bottom painting. The air temperature down there will be quite a lot hotter than up above the ground. It is wise to allow time for rest and make sure you drink plenty while working so you don't become dehydrated. It can happen more quickly than you may realise and before you know it you are feeling sick and dizzy.

In addition, you need to choose the time of painting carefully. The temperature should be between 10C and 30C for the paint to cure properly. Too much wind on the day will only blow dust and leaves onto the wet paint so it is better to wait until the wind dies down than risk having to do it all over again - and have to waste time and paint, not to mention energy. After the primer comes the epoxy and you may need epoxy thinners to get just the right consistency and also to wash up the roller or pump ready for the next coat.

There are two kinds of epoxy pool paint and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Don't choose by price alone, but by the type of pool surface you have and the kind of water you will put in the pool; salt or chlorine treated. The paint should be allowed to cure for several days before filling the pool with water and during this time it should be covered to prevent dirt and leaves adhering.

When you do everything carefully and according to instructions your pool should give you many years of fun and use.

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