Using Swimming Pool Chemicals to Kill Algae

by Pool Builders on 11-24-2009 in Articles

A very frequent question asked by new owners of swimming pools is what the purpose of swimming pool chemicals really are. They are also curious as to what types of duties these chemicals regularly perform, as well as standard queries like how often the tasks should be carried out and how much of one specific type of chemical should be used and how often. I will do my best to answer these questions as directly and informatively as possible.

Why should I use swimming pool chemicals in my pool water?

By natural process, your pool water will become infected with various bits of bacteria which turn your clean fresh water into disgusting water literally overnight. If your pool becomes contaminated with something like algae or something similar, do not be alarmed as this is very common and easy to take care of. When you use the proper brand and care of pool cleaning products, your pool water will once again be clean and enjoyable to swim in.

What kinds of algae will infect my swimming pool?

The most common types of bacteria to inhabit your water by natural process is of course algae, although many types of algae are found and they each have their own unique set of characteristics used to determine the type and of course the best course of action for swift and complete removal.

The most commonly seen breed of algae is green algae which is frequently spotted floating between the centers of the pool area as well as cling to the internal structure which the solid body of the pool is made up of. Another type is the black algae, which is labeled incorrectly and misleadingly, as it is actually a blue-green type of hue. This breed only begins to form inside of the cracks and contours of the pool body, sometimes becoming difficult to peel or scoop out. And the third most common algae type is the mustard algae, which many people mistakenly identify as dirt.

The best way to get rid of algae is to have your water properly analyzed and balanced, and then you purchase chlorine tablets to neutralize and eradicate the disgusting bacteria. After the above tasks have been completed, it is now time to purchase algae killer which destroys our little green problem and returns the pool settings back to a clear blue color.

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