Using a Pool Alarm to Help Save Lives

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

A pool alarm could relate to many different safety systems intended to give an alert in an emergency. Some of the more common choices include those designed to detect motion in the water to those that detect a gate opening that surrounds the pool area. An alarm system shouldn't be relied on as the sole means of providing protection. It should be used with other measures to help with creating a safe and relaxing swimming pool environment. An alarm system used with a pool cover and fence should help with providing maximum protection.

Here are some of the major types of pool alarms available -

Gate Alarm

A gate alarm is intended to alert the property owner to the presence of someone opening the gate leading to the swimming pool area. An alarm system like this comes with one or two alarm triggers to make it highly effective at alerting when a child is in close proximity to the pool. Most of these alarm systems come with a key pad to help with easily de-activating the system, and this can be located in a position that is out of reach of the small child.

Perimeter Alarm

A highly effective and costly option comes with the perimeter alarms. An alarm system like this comes with a series of infrared lights or beams that pass across the surface of the pool. If the beam is broken due to someone entering the water the alarm is triggered and the homeowner instantly receives an alert sound or message.

Pool Alarm

A simple alarm is equipped with multiple monitoring devices which are designed to watch for any signs of objects disturbing the water surface. Most of these alarms are designed to activate in the event of an object weighing 15 lbs or more entering the water.

Wrist Alarm

A wrist alarm is a great device to help with monitoring the small child. A device is attached to the wrist of the child and emits a sound should the child enter the actual pool.

Since one of the most common causes of death for the younger child aged between 1 and 12 years relates to drowning, it is certain to be highly beneficial to install a suitable alarm system to make sure a pool area is kept safe and secure at all times. A reliable pool alarm used with the other safety precautions is certain to help with minimizing the unfortunate accidents in the swimming pool.

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