Using wristbands in your parks and recreation program  

by Pool Builders on 10-17-2011 in Articles

In terms of organization, parks and recreation departments are charged with a great deal of responsibility. Many of these types of facilities have multiple designated areas with limited access for particular members of the organization, from staff-only areas such as lounges and administrative areas, to child care facilities, to gyms and even swimming pools. Without a solid plan in place to control access appropriately for each of these areas, it can get very complicated for staff and even dangerous for children who are not controlled while on the premises.

One way to help in the organization of access levels in parks and recreation departments is to use a wristband system. Wristbands can be used by park and recreation departments and YMCAs for many different purposes. As mentioned above, some of the most critical areas of these facilities to control are any water-related areas, such as swimming pools and water parks. When controlling access to these areas, there is no such thing as being €too safe,€ as it only takes a few seconds for a small child to make their way into these crowded areas and become endangered faster than anyone will be able to stop them.

By using waterproof and non-transferable wristbands to identify authorized persons within these areas, staff is granted an easy way to check access privileges and identify any unauthorized patrons quickly and at a glance. As an additional safety measure, some parks and recreation departments even go a step further by using color coding to identify different levels of swimming ability or age group within their pools and waterparks. This avoids younger children from being exposed to the dangers of swimming areas meant for older or more experienced swimmers. Durable and non-transferrable as tyvek wrist bands are ideal for this type of use, as they are also water-resistant and guaranteed to stay secure.

For facilities that offer either full-time or part-time childcare, safety and accountability are also extremely important in these areas. Wrist bands can be used to identify children who are under supervision of the facility, and different colored wristbands can be used to identify children of different age groups. Some facilities even use a permanent marker to write names on each wristband for extra identification.

Another way to identify children and their parents is to use our Securmatch® or Securband Plus® wristbands from These bands have a matching, numbered, tear-off stub. This allows the child to wear the numbered wristband while the parent retains the matching numbered stub. Daycare or nursery staff can then use these matching numbers for verification purposes, adding an extra element of safety. This same system can be used by having the daycare staff keep a log with the names of each child and their parent(s) and writing the wristband numbers in their log for additional organization.

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