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by Pool Builders on 05-19-2011 in Articles

Swimming is very fun activity and regular body exercise too. People enjoy swimming during summers and they enjoy this for fun purpose. This activity doesn't requires much time from your schedule and not many accessories except good swimming equipment packed in bag for swimming arena and you are set to enjoy the rest of time.
Warming and stretching are two important exercise before swimming which makes you feel calm and helps in stretching and then you can go with the basics. Some of the best swimming strokes are the ones seen in competitions. You must have heard the names like freestyle stroke, the backstroke and the butterfly stroke.

There are many other kinds of swimming strokes which you must have known like the breast strokes, side strokes, and the combat swim stroke which are great once you enjoy and are familiar with swimming. It is also very important that your swimming gear should be of good quality and sturdy. Like the swim goggles, hand and knee pads should be able to resist the professional swimmers practice. The basic stroke makes your body stretch free and lessens the chance of injury.

The freestyle stroke: Also known as front crawl and is for both the professional swimmers and for the beginners. It is easy to implement and fast way to move body muscles with great energy efficient stroke. Hence in many competitions and beginner swimming journey begins with this and is well practiced. This stroke is ideal body exercise which works out the abdomen and hand muscles very well. Free style stokes are also famous in triathlons.

The breast stroke: Beginners are started with this style. It is one of the slowest one among the four strokes but difficult to do it correctly. Some of the best equipments can be bought for breast stroke swimming from online swim store which make your swimming better and efficient. If you have visibility and breathing issues then this stroke will help you relieve it. This is not very fast stroke.

The backstroke: The name only suggests that one has to swim back. People with back or spine problem can benefit from this style and doctors too suggest going with it. Excellent workout with the advantage of easy breathing. With the asynchronous movement of the arms making the body roll around its own axis make swimming more effective.

The butterfly swimming stroke: This is one stroke which requires good leg swimming accessories to club up the muscles tight so they are not over strained. This is favorite of most swimmers and has special place for everyone. This is assumed as hard stroke to learn. Once you learn this stroke properly then swimming butterfly stroke is great fun. It is fastest stroke and best exercise for healthy people and one can remove lot of fat with this swimming stroke.

Spend you hot summer days around pool or the ocean and enjoy swimming!

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