Variable Speed Pool Pump Purchasing Checklist

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2013 in Articles

Are you looking for a variable speed pool pump to replace the pump that you have now. Is your single speed pump loud, or costing you more than it should in electricity? Is your pump working with your filtration system to give you crystal clear water to swim in? If not, then a more efficient pool pump is definitely the way to go.

I have created a checklist to assist you in your search for the right pump. There are a lot of pumps available on the market, and they are not all created equal. Having this checklist is important, because you will know what features to look for, as well as what to avoid when purchasing. Here are three things for your checklist.

  1. Be prepared to spend $1200 to $2000 for your new variable speed pool pump. The pumps themselves range from seven to fifteen hundred. You also have to take into account the cost of a new control, as well as installation-which can be $500-$800.
  2. Make sure the pump will work for your pool beforehand. The new technology in modern variable speed pumps will be compatible with most pools, but problems can occur. For example, the programming in certain pumps can be erratic with roof mounted solar systems.
  3. Be forewarned, high price doesn't always mean high quality. I wish I could say that everything is guaranteed to be perfect after you spend over a thousand dollars, but that isn't the case. After getting feedback from pool experts, contractors, customers, and fellow review sites, I can say there have been quite a few pros and cons for every product. There are high-end pumps that work great for 2 years, but only have a one year warranty. And replacing parts for variable speed pool pumps can oftentimes cost almost as much as the pump itself.

Pentair and Hayward have produced some of the best variable speed pool pumps on the market. These pumps are quiet, versatile, and efficient. In regards to the Pentair Intelliflo pump, customers are reporting reductions of 7KWh a day, and up to $100 a month in savings. With the added rebates being provided by electric companies nationwide, a variable speed pool pump should pay for itself in a few years.

Doing your homework, or having your pool guy do it, is essential. The rest is up to the pump, and the company who made it. All you have to do is enjoy a more efficient, quieter variable speed pool pumps that saves you cash.

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