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by Pool Builders on 11-13-2014 in Articles

We've all been there, chosen to stay in a particular hotel purely for the quality of the facilities. Whether it is the room service, pool, spa, or activities. The fact is, so many hotels manage to perfect just one aspect of their works and the rest is fairly average. With that in mind, imagine if you could find somewhere which manages to perfect all of these aspects.

If you have children it's apparent that wherever you go, there needs to be something they'll find entertaining. So in this case, the hotel might need a child's swimming pool, outdoor play area, or maybe some indoor activities. For the more mature customers; perhaps a high quality bar area is the top of your priorities particularly after a long day.

What becomes extremely obvious is that if a hotel focuses on just one aspect in particular, there is never much time for the others. Looking after every aspect of the resort is essential. This will make for a much more enjoyable experience for every customer, not just a select few. Below are some of the most popular aspects which hotels must perfect.


This might sound blatantly obvious and rightly so, but so often many resorts focus on looking after the activities and other facilities of the resort that this occasionally gets forgotten about. For example, if a company only decides to look after their swimming pool and bar, they might end up spending a big sum of their budget doing so. This will inevitably mean your room will end up being untidy, unclean, or left without necessities such as; clean towels and bed sheets daily.

Leisure & Activities€¦

If somewhere focuses only on ensuring your room is kept in a great condition, then you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs in the lobby with nothing to do thanks to the lack of activities. So the best way of dealing with this, would always be to spend an equal amount of time with both.

Another great way of dealing with this would be to expand the amount of activities or facilities you have open at any given time. This way, whilst people are out enjoying the activity, you can nip in and fix up their room without any disturbance and in some cases prevent even being seen.

Food & Drink€¦

This is something which is commonly forgotten about. Food and drink plays a huge part in many visitors' expectations, by being one of the most important aspects of a hotel stay. It's simple, if the food and drink is terrible then it's more than likely the customer comments that will follow suit.

The point is; the way you dine and what you eat is very important when you take the fact that it alters someone's entire outlook on things. Therefore, any successful hotel will have top class chefs and cooks and an excellent dining area, as it is an essential to ensure the customers remain happy throughout their stay.

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