Various Uses of Your Virginia Inground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2009 in Articles

Knowing what you want to use it for is the very first step in planning for the installation of Virginia inground pools. Do you plan to practice diving, want to exercise in a lap pool, need the water for physical therapy or simply desire a recreational area where the kids can splash around during the warm summer days? The swimming pool's size, location and material will depend on what it is intended to be used for. One to be used for dives may be narrower but much deeper than one to be used for therapeutic exercises, for instance. On the other hand, you need a smaller one which is fairly shallow for kids to play in and also has certain safety features to prevent unwanted accidents.

Assuming you decide simply that you want a pool installed for family recreation, you can't just hire a contractor immediately and say you want one that instant. Remember, Virginia inground pools are permanent fixtures. You don't want to rush into anything because it will be more costly to make structural alterations if you change your mind. Make a checklist of the decision points so that you don't miss out on anything. Ask your contractor about options, get references and make site visits. You can also request for quotes and additional information, especially on warranties, online.

Back in your own home, consider location and site concerns. For instance, if you expect children to be using it often, there may be a need to have it easily visible from your house. If possible, select a sunny spot with not too many trees so that leaves don't keep falling into the water. Identify a zone somewhere near the kitchen so that it is easy to serve snacks or drinks, if necessary. Don't forget that Virginia inground pools also need adjacent space to house the filter system and cleaning supplies. Think about the type of material to be used, as well. Do you prefer vinyl, fiberglass or traditional concrete? Vinyl is gaining popularity because of the stain resistant surface and relatively lower price. However, design options are limited. Fiberglass pools take a shorter time to install but require a crane to drop the prefabricated structures onto the site. If you haven't got enough space for access, this isn't a viable option. Concrete is the most popular and has the most design possibilities but require the most time to construct as well as the most maintenance work.

Sure, there are many things to consider but in the end, the fun of playing in your perfect pool will be all worth it.

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