Vegas Transformation - Pool Parties Leading the Way

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2014 in Articles

Vegas is transforming - once affiliated with addicted gamblers, hustlers, high rollers and the mob, Vegas was best-known as the 'city of sin'. How things have changed - the corporations came and cleaned the city of the mob. In an attempt to re-brand the city as the 'City of entertainment'; Vegas has moved from focusing just on gaming. Vegas doesn't even generate the most revenue from gaming anymore. That title now goes to Macau, who generate four times more revenue than Vegas in gaming. Vegas has diversified, investing in Michelin started restaurants, a variety of shows and luxury retail. Another avenue that has become increasingly popular and at the same time very profitable for Vegas is the pool party.

Pool parties are open for business half the year and the majority of the hotels along the strip will have their very own pool party. The simplest way to describe a pool party is to imagine a normal outdoor pool you find in a hotel. However, no one is swimming simply because the pool is completely packed with people; add alcohol, a stage, a famous DJ and stunning looking staff - and you've got a pool party. This has proven to be a winning formula that has contributed to the recovery of Vegas which was hit massively during the recession.

As a consequence, hotels are competing fiercer than ever to draw the crowds to their pool party - whether it's with new state of the art stages, securing global superstar DJs to perform, hiring gorgeous staff or merely using conventional methods of promoting i.e. the massive billboards you view all around the city.

You could argue why hotels are wasting their time attracting men and women to these pool parties. After all Vegas was constructed from revenue generated in the casino; and time spent in the pool is time spent away from the casino. But, when people are willing to pay $50 to gain access to a pool party and the average drink can be charged at $20 - you soon realize how profitable a pool party can be. That's not even including the thousands of dollars a customer is willing to spend for a cabana.

The current biggest pool parties held in Vegas are:

Encore Beach Club - better known as EBC carries a legendary reputation in Vegas. It holds the status as being the, 'place to be' when it comes to pool parties in Vegas. With Superstar DJs David Guetta, Avicii and Steve Angelo on its roster, plus the most stylish pool party venue, and include a group of what can only be described as Abercrombie & Fitch employees; then you're sure to enjoy a winning formula.

Marquee Day Club - Marquee has quickly developed a big reputation for itself in Vegas. During the summer its infamous 'Summer Lovin' party is held weekly with resident DJ Kaskade on the turntable.

Marquee is held high up the Cosmopolitan hotel; with amazing views of the 'city centre'. The crowd is attractive and young. The employees are most probably part time models; they are not hard to spot as the female staff all wear purple bikinis.

Daylight - the freshest day club from this list. It only opened recently and has already become a popular venue. This is due to a combination of celebrity DJs such as Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, and a visually striking high tech stage; that really gets the party going.

Wet Republic - undeniably Wet Republic has got the best DJs on its roster in Vegas and perhaps the entire world. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell are several of the venues residents, so you can ensure the music is going to be world class -the venue less so.

Pool season is now officially open so see just what the noise is all about and visit one soon.

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