Vilamoura Villas With Pools That Reflect The Best Of The Algarve  

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2013 in Articles

Approximately 120 miles south of Lisbon, the purpose-built, luxurious resort of Vilamoura lies basking in the seductive warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Taking up almost 10 spectacular miles of Algarve land and seascape, Vilamoura offers visitors every conceivable beach activity and many ways to take full advantage of the Atlantic's clear, blue waters. With a 1000 berth marina at its heart, this stunning destination is certainly equipped to provide the many yachtsmen who repeatedly return to its shores with ample hospitality and diverse entertainment. Hotels that promise an overindulgence of luxury surround the marina, together with impressive holiday homes, sports clubs and a casino. For those who prefer total freedom from routine, there is also the option of renting one of a gorgeous array of Vilamoura villas with pools.

Renting a villa instead of hotel accommodation can offer visitors greater privacy without detracting from luxury. Having a private pool at which to do some entertaining, sun tanning, or perhaps to enjoy a midnight swim can add greatly to a holiday feel. Villas differ in size and setting, but each will offer a taste of the typical Algarve living that has made the location such a favourite among holidaymakers. Choose a semi-rural setting with a villa nestled amongst a profusion of mango groves, pomegranate, fig, avocado or peach trees, but still close enough to championship golf courses and amazingly pristine beaches such as Falesia or St. Eulalia. Select an exotic location of pine trees and magnificent ocean views that is within easy driving distance of a water park, tennis club, shopping centre and amenities that are essential to a relaxing, but fun-filled holiday. The choices are many and varied enough to suit every budget and accommodation requirement, whether for a couple or a large family. There is also no restriction on the activities waiting to be enjoyed.

The many bars and restaurants that liven up the beachfront are great places for socialising. Vilamoura regularly plays host to celebrities and wealthy fun-seekers who have made this huge resort a home-away-from-home and a few famous faces may be spotted on a night out. To make travelling between locations easier, Vilamoura has a train that regularly travels around the resort and makes bar hopping or sight-seeing easy and convenient. Although it is not quite the traditional Algarve renowned among pleasure seekers, there are small villages and towns close by that can be visited for a genuine taste of local culture and cuisine. Visitors interested in the area's history will enjoy exploring the ruins of what was once a Roman fishing town. Caves found all along the coastline are popular tourist attractions and boat tours of the caves hold a special appeal for the more adventurous holiday maker. For those less addicted to energy-sapping explorations, there are trails that have been specially designed for walking or cycling. Returning to a luxury villa after a day of doing whatever makes an individual's holiday a time to remember, sets the seal on an experience that will be relived again and again.

Vilamoura villas with pools incorporate the very best that this destination has to offer. For stunning surrounds, spectacular views, luxury living and an oversupply of holiday fun, Vilamoura will remain a favourite destination among those wanting a taste of the exotic at an affordable price.

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