Villa Or Hotel- What's Better For A Holiday In Ibiza?  

by Pool Builders on 12-12-2010 in Articles

Your choice of accomodation will have a big impact on the type of holiday you have in Ibiza so here we weigh up to pro's and con's of staying in a hotel and a private villa.


Ibiza has a huge abundence of hotels from quality 5 star places to cheap and cheerful all inclusive hotels designed for the package holidaymaker. This range of choice also helps to make pricing competitive among hotels. At the bottom end you can pay from €15/ night for a hotel room in Ibiza and for around €30/night you can get a half decen place with a pool, fridge and air conditioning. At the top end of the market you can pay up to €500/ night which although expensive is usually less than you'd pay for an equivalent room in many places across western Europe. Basically there's Ibiza hotels for every budget.

Ibiza villas typically don't work out much more expensive than hotels on a per person/ per night basis. In the height of season a 6 person villa will typcally cost from €2000/ week which equates to around €50/ per person/ per night. Around the same price as a mid-range hotel room. There are however fewer budget options with villas to get below this price so if you just want the cheapest room possible go for a hotel.


Whatever you're visiting Ibiza for, either family time or party time location will be important. Many clubbers prefer to be near to the centres of eiter San Antonio or Playa Den Bossa for easy access to clubs and bars while famililes are better off heading to quieter resorts further north like Es Cana.

For centrality you can't really compete with the location of hotels which can get you as close to town as you like (although obviously the closer to the clubs, the louder it gets). Most villas in Ibiza are located outside the main resort areas although still within easy reach. If you absolutely have to be near the centre a hotel is probably best for you, if you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet and don't mind a short drive or taxi ride to town there's some distinct advantages to being in an out of town villa.


With a villa you really get a home away from home meaning you can cook your own meals, chill out in the lounge or swim in your own pool whenever you like. While many hotels are equipted with top notch facilities these, being shared with other guests, are never really going to compete with a villa. Most Ibiza hotels have swimming pools (the closer to town the smaller they get) but in high season, July and August, there will usually be a rush on the sunbeds and if you get up late you'll lose out.

Villas beat hotels in the facilities round!

Food and drink

This one depends on what you prefer. 3 star hotels and up in Ibiza tend to provide good food at their restaurants. If you choose an 'all inclusive' package this will usually be buffet style, encorporating a choice of styles of food, often themed on different nights. For convenience eating at your hotel can't be beaten but for those who prefer the freedom to cook their own meals at times which suit them a villa might be a better option. If you're planning on clubbing in Ibiza chances are you'll be getting up late and probably missing hotel breakfast (and maybe even lunch) hours. Being able to cook and eat at hours which suit you will make more sense for many people on an Ibiza holiday.

You'll have more choice of drinks at the hotel bar than you're likely to have in your villa. If you're a big drinker all inclusive hotel drinks could save you some cash as well. However, stocking your own bar at a villa is a great way to beat expensive Ibiza bar prices as well.


Villas are typically private and in remote locations in Ibiza meaning you're unlikely to meet a lot of other people unless you go out at night. Hotels are certainly more sociable with good opportunities to meet people around the pool or at the dinner table. If you're travelling in a small group this can add an extra dimension to your holiday and be quite enjoyable. If you prefer privacy and time with your family or friends a villa is a better option.

Overall it will depend what you're looking for from your holiday in Ibiza as to whether a villa or hotel is a better choice for you. If you want to be in the centre of things, either partying or taking part in day time activities you'll probably find the convenience of a hotel in town a better choice for your trip. If relaxation and quality time with family and friends are more your thing a villa is going to be right for you.

What type of accommodation do you prefer for your summer holidays? I hope this article will help you decide.

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