Villa demand soars in Phuket with Thailand Holiday Homes  

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2010 in Articles

If you have visited a Phuket beach or the main strip in the evening in recent months then you would have found it difficult to believe that it was not peak season. The bars and restaurants have been busy and shops have done a brisk trade in souvenirs and holiday gifts. It seems like the pearl of the west coast of Thailand has been doing a lot better than many of the competing top resorts of the world. Much of the business that has been booming is attributed to Thailand's continued popularity as a top exotic destination and the low cost flights and accommodation that has been available.

One of the surprise markets that have all developers excited is the rapid increase in holiday villa development. Thailand Holiday Homes has been at the forefront of this rapid market shift and has really kept their finger on the pulse of the marketplace as it has developed. The past two years has seen the number of tourists increase that wants to make a bit more of their holiday and their accommodation. The standard package holiday and hotel resorts are losing customers to the villa rental market. More and more tourists are choosing to hire their own villa or apartment and the availability of more five star accommodations is in demand. Many of the villas now on offer around the city have their own maid and chef so renters don't have to lift a finger during their stay.

Phuket has seen continued growth and high occupancy rates in the past three years, say Thailand Holiday Homes. It is Thailand's biggest island and, being an island means that property and land is highly valued. The island is well developed for tourists and has some of the most modern infrastructure in the country. The villa and holiday home market has been developing to higher and higher standards and the quality available now for rental is extremely good. Most of the villas have their own pool as standard and many also have maid quarters. With this kind of accommodation available at a fraction of the price of villas in other countries, it is no surprise to Thailand Holiday Homes that many of their villas are booked up months in advance and popularity looks set to continue for many years to come.

Thailand Holiday Homes has been really overwhelmed with the number of people visiting the website and have expanded their locations to include Phuket. Demand for this beautiful island paradise has been unprecedented. Phuket has long been a favourite destination for visitors to Thailand. Many people choose to invest or retire here and never look back as they enjoy the style and atmosphere that comes with Phuket life.

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