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Jimbaran provides you with a typical village like environment. Located not very far from the Denpasar international airport, Jimbaran is very near to the shoreline of a tranquil bay.

Characterized by white stretch of beachfront and a stunning evening sunset, Jimbaran has become a popular retreat for the tourists who prefer to spend time away from the commercial and busy life. Beach in Jimbaran is an excellent place for swimming with plenty of sailing and fishing opportunities to enjoy. Another main attractive feature in Jimbaran is the mouth watering sea food!

Choices in Villas:

- There are quite a few villas in this part of Bali which offer packages suiting the visitor's needs. It is totally upto you to make a choice based on your duration and budget for the trip, as each of the villas is differently created to suit your needs and priorities. The wide variety of choices range from choosing a luxurious bathroom with a big bath tub or a mini swimming pool or spacious dining area in the Garden, where you can enjoy a romantic Candle light dinner! The villas offered features a single bedroom villa, 2 bedroom & 3 bedroom villas. One bedroom villa is exclusively decorated for the newly wed couple who visit this place for a honeymoon. 3 bedroom villas are perfectly spaced for a family trip with children.

- If you can afford to spend a couple of bucks more for your vacation, then the gateway to heaven is wide open in the form of these palatial villas in Bali. The King size bed, bathtub sculpted out of marble would just let you enjoy to the fullest. Each penny is worth the money spent.

- These villas also provide you with a professional chef, who is just a call away from taking your orders from the wide list of menu. If you prefer to cook on your own, these chefs who are familiar with the local food markets can help you pick the freshest food and groceries from the market.

- Offering an added dimension in luxury living, all villas at the Jimbaran Bali are fully equipped with private swimming pool, plunge pool or Jacuzzi, private kitchen, private dinning room, private living area, en-suite bathroom, split air conditioners, stereo hi-fi, DVD player, satellite TV cable, IDD telephone, refrigerator, safe deposit box, microwave, tea and coffee maker.

Right from the minute you come out of the Denpasar Airport till the time you get back to the airport after enjoying your vacation, these villa owners take special care of your needs every single minute of your stay in their Villa.

When you return home from Bali, there is one thing that you would have learnt from the Balinese people. How to treat your guests when they visit you!

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