Viron Pump: Its Features and Great Advantages  

by Pool Builders on 08-31-2011 in Articles

The best things in life are never free. Well come to think of it; those that are not even the best aren't free these days. But you have to put all thoughts of costs aside when you have the welfare of your loved ones in mind and get what it takes to keep them safe and away from harm. Quality should always be at the top of your list and when it comes to pumps for your swimming pool, you only have to trust Viron pump. Most homes have a swimming pool nowadays and a pool pump is an important aspect a pool owner should not overlook. It is a vital tool to maintain cleanliness of your pool water. Pool pumps are mechanical devices that have remarkable filters that catch as much dirt and debris as it can. The filtered water is then pumped back in the swimming pool providing you and your family a hygienic place for relaxation and water play.

Pool pumps come in different sizes and pumping capabilities. What is important to take note though would be the type of swimming pool that you have. Swimming pools can be built in ground or above ground so make sure you have a pool pump installed accordingly. Aside from its size and pumping capabilities a pool pump also has varied speeds to choose from. First of all, there is the single speed pool pump that operates at a continuous speed but more ideal for swimming pools that are always in use. Secondly, a dual speed pool pump is more suited for pools which are rarely or not always used. With a dual speed pool pump, you can opt to slow down or switch the speed into what you think is ideal for filtering the water. With this type of pump, you can easily save 60% on energy. Today though, an even more efficient swimming pool pumps has emerged by way of a Viron pump. It has an advanced three speed pump that can amazingly adapt at different speeds unlike other pumps that run at full speed all the time.

A Viron P300 pump can significantly decrease operating costs by up to $700 per year. It is specifically designed to save you time and money and helping the environment at the same time by reducing a tone of Co2 emissions in the environment. As an added bonus, you can observe a great reduction of annoying noise that usually comes with a pool pump. You can also go for a P280 Viron speed pump that comes with the same features except operating costs are reduced to only up to$580 per year. What is also good about this type of pump is that it can be a direct replacement for any Astral Pool, Hurlcon CX, TX or CTX pumps as the need arises. All of these are important points to ponder when thinking of the best kind of swimming pool upkeep and maintenance. Remember that good quality pumps keep out bacteria and germs from your pool thus preventing nasty water-borne diseases from harming anyone in your family.

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