Viron Pumps: Cost-Efficient and Environment Friendly  

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2011 in Articles

Looking for a pool pump with a good energy efficiency rating? Then go for Viron pumps designed to function for longer periods with 3 speed DC motor and highly advanced electronic control.

Viron pumps are unlike the other pumps available in the market. No other pump can greatly reduce as much as 70% of power consumption yet functions with great efficiency. These pumps are very ideal for all types of swimming pools and spas that require heaters, high capacity filters and cleaning gadgets.

Build a swimming pool that is easy on the environment and choose your equipment carefully to ensure durability and dependability. Choosing the right pump will help you save money on your monthly utility bill and your pool maintenance task will be easier.

The heart of every swimming pool regardless of size, shape and design is the pool pump. It is responsible for the water's circulation therefore, it is very important to choose a pump that's powerful enough to cycle the water through the filter system in order to remove debris and dirt particles to keep your pool water sanitized.

Most pool owners or operators run their swimming pool on an 8-hour on/16-hour off shift which is a stagnant cycle. That means that for most of the day, the water is not circulating. Stagnant pool water results in algae build-up, dirt and other particles clogged and pH imbalance which makes it unfit to use for swimming.

Most people think that running the pool around the clock cost a lot but they are wrong. It is even better to run your swimming pool around the clock and it even cost less and your pool will be easy to maintain because it keeps the pool water clean. For that reason the most important equipment in running a pool is the pool pump. If you are still in the process of planning your swimming pool building, don't forget that when evaluating proposals from pool builders, compare the quality, brand, capacity and operating cost of the pool pump they are going to install for your swimming pool.

An excellent pool contractor will always recommend a multi-variable speed pool pump which is the best type of pump. It is cost-efficient and environmentfriendly. He will also tell you which size of pump is appropriate for your pool type, size and design. The pool pump should meet the minimum turnover necessary but at the same time use the least amount of energy in the process.

Many pool builders will tell you that a bigger pump is better for the pump's efficiency. The truth is; a lot of average sized pools have pumps that are oversized which make swimming pool maintenance cost more expensive.

Viron pumps are the best pumps to use for your swimming pool if you are looking for a less expensive solution to run and maintain a pool. Even if your pump works 24/7, your energy consumption is low plus you get another fantastic advantage, that is, no annoying sound or noise when it's running.

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