Virtually Chlorine-Free Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2008 in Articles

Swim in pure, silky soft, ozone-treated water.

Escape the chlorine routine and chemical hassles, hazards and high costs while enjoying fresh, sparkling pool water. It's safe, easy, and affordable with the industry's most advanced purification technology: ozonation.

Used to maintain pool water at top health spas and at the Olympics, ozonation is also the chosen standard for purifying drinking water across Europe, and it is increasingly used by major American cities to help ensure healthy tap water for millions of people.

Ozonation has plenty to offer pool and spa owners as well. The automated, fuss-free process drastically cuts the amount of chlorine needed to maintain sanitized pool water. Without the usual chemical loads, the benefits are extensive. For starters, the pool water looks spectacular.

Ozonation is natural and it's the same kind of process that Mother Nature uses to make that gorgeous, shiny water you see in a stream up in the mountains. Beyond looking good, ozonated pool water also feels great, and it creates a consistently gentle swimming environment.

You don't have to contend with stinging red eyes, itchy skin, or faded hair that feels like straw. Even better, you won't be inhaling those awful bleach-like fumes, and any family pets that like drinking from the pool won't be lapping up a chemical soup.

Ozonated water is remarkably silky soft on swimmers' skin as well. Many pool builders who use ozone systems often hear comments from amazed customers after their first swim in an ozonated pool. She explains that it is very difficult describe the incredible sensation without actually experiencing it.

My favorite story comes from a mother in Tampa whose son had eczema, and his skin sensitivity had always kept him out of swimming pools. They put in a pool with a SmartPure ozone system, and now she's thrilled that her son can actually go in the water without any problems.

In addition, without bottles and tablets of chlorine, there isn't the typical build up of chlorine by-products. As a result, the interior finish on pools will last longer, as will manicures, hair perms, color treatments, and results from skin bronzer and sunless tanning products.

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