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by Pool Builders on 03-22-2011 in Articles

Concrete wall caps, also known as 'coping', can be installed on any types of wall to add support and more strength to the wall, or it can be added for decoration and to add a touch of beauty to walls or other various projects. There are 4 different types of wall caps that are primarily used to do the job: brick, block, concrete and stone caps.

Generally they're fitted to provide protection for the wall from severe weather effects that might disrupt the wall with no coping. Rain, snow, ice and the severity of heat can alter the general texture of a wall so many walls are now being fitted with wall caps for this reason.

Wall caps are often used in the commercial industry, especially at hotels or spas. Generally they will have indoor/outdoor swimming pools which the edging of the swimming pool will need to be coped for a specific design to suit the swimming pool. As people will be climbing in and out of the swimming pool, it will be essential that the pool coping is smooth and has a curved edge so it protects people from harming themselves when in contact with the coping.

Wall caps are primarily used in 3 different textures to give a variety of choices for structural demands. A rough texture is very durable and gives off a natural appearance, more in demand for surface applications. Other textures that wall caps can be produced in are smooth and washed. Such as the swimming pool mentioned was a smooth texture as it suited them most to prevent injury.

They can also come in wide range of shapes and sizes to give possibilities to the target customers. It provides different selection choices and certain shapes/sizes will be needed for various projects. Such as the swimming pool, the shapes will need to be curved and smooth so it's safe. For a top of a brick wall the caps will need to be sloped evenly so that if water does get onto the top of the wall the design of the wall caps will enable the water to run off the edge of the wall.

Colour scheming might also be taken into consideration with certain specifications for the colour to blend in with the walls or other projects. Getting pink wall caps for a swimming pool that the water will look blue won't be a great combination. There are three main techniques that allow the consumers to custom their colour should that be their preference. Integral colouring, colour hardening and chemical staining are the 3 different techniques to produce the right colour wall caps. This enables you to enhance the appearance and boost the look of certain objects such as brick walls, pavement or other areas around a property.

Wall caps need to be measured correctly for a specific job to maintain strength on the coping. Having the coping on a brick wall to big so that it exposes over the sides will be more likely to deteriorate or chip away under heavy weight.

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