Want To Get Back In Shape? Swimming Workouts Are A Great Way To Start

by Pool Builders on 10-26-2010 in Articles

If you're looking to get into shape, want to improve your body image or fitness levels then swimming is the way to go. The benefits of swimming is that it not only gets your heart rate pumping which aids in burning calories it also gives your muscles a great workout without the often high impact of other workouts.

The major reason swimming can be so good for you is that water is thicker than air, you need to push, kick, pull or punch harder that what you would out of the water. Which can do wonders for your entire body.One of the greatest benefits of using swimming as your workout method however is that anyone can do it. From the youngest to the oldest, those that already have a high fitness level to those that haven't been physically active for some time, because it is such a low impact exercise. That is unlike running where you're pounding along a hard surface in water your virtually weightless so there's no extra strain on your muscles, yet you're still achieving the same if not better results.

There's also medical reasons that swimming is a great way to get your exercise, many asthma sufferers have taken up swimming as it helps with their lungs through the breathing methods required. In fact several Australian Olympic swimmers mention they only took the sport up to help with their asthma.

If you're not comfortable with your swimming abilities or have a fear of water don't let that put you off. You can start quite simply. You could take a couple of friends with you along with flotation devices and kickboards - you'll still get a good workout just by hanging onto a board or the edge of the pool and kicking. You could enroll in some basic swimming lessons to help you get started.

Of course like all exercise routines if you're concerned about anything you should check with your medial professional first, but once given the go ahead, don't hold back. Jump on in and give it a whirl.

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