Wasp Proofing Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-06-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools in the summer season are the best spots to hang out and refresh from the heat of the sun. However, you're not the only one who seems to unwind in your pool as you will see many wasps flocking near your pool. Wasps and bees are potentially dangerous to anyone with an allergy and are also hated by everyone because of their sting. Their sting can cause fever to children especially when attacked by many.

However, you don't need to get frightened by them as there are ways on how to get them out of your pool area and make your place wasp free. Some of these methods are very simple that they don't need to be high-tech in order to get rid of these pests in your pool. The materials used are ordinary materials used on our daily life which means that searching and acquiring these items is quite easy.

Most of these solutions are easy to prepare and install near your pool and their effectiveness on catching these pests are not a snob. Here are some of the most common methods on how to destroy any wasp infestation near or in your swimming pool:

1. The native American trick of using a piece of meat hanged on a tree branch or somewhere around the pool is a simple yet effective trap for wasps and other insects that post a threat near your swimming pool. Hanging beneath the meat is a bucket filled with water and soap. The bucket with water and detergent mixture acts as the trap for the wasps. These types of pests are blessed with wax coat that acts as a water-resistant in case they fall into the water. The purpose of the detergent is to break down this protection in order to get the wasp drown in the water. The method is said to lure these pests into the meat and when they devour the meat, they begin to fall into the bucket while some of them fly straight down to the water in the bucket without control.

2. Diesel is also known as a magnet for most pests, especially bees as they love hovering over it. This method uses soda bottle with enough diesel inside to act as the holding solution where the wasps as well as other insects eventually drown. Their coating will not be effective against the wax removing power of the diesel. Make sure that you leave the soda bottle open at all times so that whenever any pest comes along near the pool, they get attracted to this solution instead of the pool. Another great idea to apply on this method is by cutting the soda bottle into half making the lid much bigger so that it can accommodate the pests much better than having a small entrance hole. Always remember to install this solution somewhere so that your children or pets can't reach to avoid poisoning as well as to prevent any accident of spilling diesel into the pool water.

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