Water Aerobic Training Through the use of Aqua Fitness Equipment - Moving Through Nature's Gym!  

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2011 in Articles

Summer is a great time to have some water fun, why not shoot some basketball pool hoop in your local community swimming pool or try using aqua fitness equipment that have time and time again, dominated the "toning" field of all exercise and yoga. Water is a natural gym where weight and balance is greatly distributed to affect all the muscles of the body including those we couldn't naturally form on land without angle or suspension off the ground.
It's a whole playing field that nurtures the human's athletic needs even from stamina and cardio stand-point as an athlete would need to know how to breathe properly in order to even succeed in training in the water. A very essential basic to water training would be to know how to float. Not many find it easy and for some who can't swim; it's a hurdle of fear that can dominate them for life if they don't confront it even a little.
Floating isn't easy for many people because it requests the body to "give away" to the water and trust that it keeps them alive. The most common mistakes people make while learning to float is to remain-literally, perfectly still that their body becomes stiff and heavy - giving no buoyancy to the body.
Yoga is good for toning but it requires constantly stretching which does the opposite of what building and shaping the body is about. When stretching happens, it pulls the muscles and joint which weaken its strength factor but make it flexible - and those flexibility means great generation of torque and speed. It means no power and strength so most athletes mix yoga with their daily hardcore workouts as a cool down - hoping to balance the agility and power.
This is where aqua fitness equipment defeats a lot of yoga. The simple movements' underwater build a lot of power due to effort needed to execute the moves and the fact that water helps stretch the muscle without giving it tension that might tear it. In a way, water training is a great way to balance all the main factors that make up athleticism - strength, power, speed and flexibility.
Whether you are simply playing tag in the water or playing some basketball pool hoops with your friends, know that you are already contributing to your health and body as you move along the water and through it. Give yourself something back and try out water sports today!

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