Water Aerobics Is Not Just For The Older Generation  

by Pool Builders on 09-11-2006 in Articles

Most of us think that aerobics primarily consists of walking, running, dancing and maybe swimming. These are all fantastic forms of aerobic activity and are very beneficial to our health and fitness. However the latest craze in aerobic exercises that has taken the world of fitness by storm is water aerobics. Perhaps more people do other forms of aerobics bu only due to the fact that you need access toa swimming pool or the sea for water aerobics. However if you are blessed with your own pool or maybe local access to a public one then it is a hugely beneficial exercise.

The greatest thing about water aerobics is that it makes it vey east to exercise nearly every part of your body with the added bonus of putting less strain on your body. Depending on the exercise, the water should be from waist deep to chest level. You can actually do just about any aerobic exercise routine that you do out of water. As mentioned probably the biggest advantage is that water aerobics is very low impact and so any "outside' exercises you do in the pool will benefit you just as much with much less risk to your body. This is especially helpful to people that have injuries or for the older generation that sometimes struggle with aches and pains.

If you live in a hot part of the country in summer then water aerobics is definitely the type of fitness training you should choose. You not only get a good work out but the water keeps you cool. At the same time you can also have fun and maybe even get a sun tan!. Don't restrict yourself to strict exercises, if you have some friends in the pool then use a ball, play volleyball or water polo or even good old fashioned piggy in the middle.

Of course the normal exercise routines will benfit you too in Water Aerobics. Things like knee bends, resistance exercise, jumping, kicking, to be honest any kind of movement will be beneficial. They all feel good and without really noticing it, you will be getting a healthy workout. If you really want to take it to the next level there is all knids of water aerobics equipment available, especially online, all of which will increase the benefits. And of course there is always the obligatory water aerobics videos too.

The author is a part time fitness instructor in Las Vegas

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