Water-Based Ways to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health  

by Pool Builders on 09-02-2012 in Articles

It's obvious, even to non-swimmers, just how beneficial water-based workouts can be for your overall cardio endurance. Swimming is a healthy activity that can be performed by people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It's easy on the joints, great for rehabilitation and works your entire body in a single session. And while it is an ideal exercise for your muscular system, it's also one of the best and most challenging ways to improve your cardiovascular health. One of the reasons that swimming can feel so exhausting is because of the fatigue that results from oxygen deprivation. Other exercises, such as running or biking, are just as challenging. But, participants in dry-land sports can breathe freely whenever they choose. Even when breathing frequently, swimming is much more demanding on your lung capacity because of the decreased amount of oxygen used. To put it simply, swimming is quite the extreme cardiovascular sport. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to take their endurance to the next level.

To build up endurance and achieve optimal lung capacity, there are a few simple, yet highly effective, exercises you can do while in the water. Swimmers Snorkels are a great way to build up endurance without hindering stroke training. The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is a favorite choice among lap swimmers. The unique snorkel is designed to pair with swim goggles and allows the swimmer to breathe while underwater. Instead of a traditional side mount, the center-mount design reduces drag and allows swimmers to practice and perfect their stroke at a slower than normal pace. It's a smart and perfect way for an athlete to tweak his or her stroke with ease. And, the added benefit of cardio training is something that can't be overlooked. Swimmers can use the Finis Swimmers Snorkel alone to see great results, or can snap on a Cardio Cap to get an ultimate, lung capacity expanding workout. The Finis Cardio Cap fits snugly on the top of the Swimmers Snorkel. It was specifically designed to decrease the amount of air that enters the snorkel and therefore increase a swimmer's workload by 40%. Swimmers quickly see increased lung capacity with continued use of the Cardio Cap.

No-breathers, a type of breath control exercise, are another great way to improve cardiovascular heath. And their name implies exactly what a swimmer must do: not breathe. Something as simple as a 25-meter freestyle without taking a breath can greatly increase lung capacity over time. If you're new to cardio training, try half a lap, or even 10 meters of no breathing to build up your endurance. Use a streamline kickboard to help keep you afloat during a no-breather routine. The Speedo Competition II Kickboard is a perfect training companion thanks to its maximized comfort and support. Use the kickboard to find your perfect steady pace across the pool. The more evenly you kick, the less oxygen you use and will find that the no-breathers become easier and easier over time.

While building up your cardiovascular health is important, it's always wise to do so at a slow and controlled pace. Don't hold your breath longer than you feel comfortable. And never push yourself past the point where your lungs start burning. This can be both damaging to your body and brain. And finally, never practice breathing techniques in an unsupervised pool. Even the most advanced swimmers know how important it is to have a supervisor when working on their lung capacity and cardiovascular health.

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