Water Resorts - Perfect Place to Hang Out With Friends  

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2012 in Articles

Time changes and along with it many things change. Many term it as generation gap but for others it is just change of time. The best example one can quote is the lifestyle of present young generation. With the advent of the BPO's, call centers and other such type of opportunities, young generations are minting a lot of money. With so much money one can easily lead a lavish lifestyle and it is accepted by most of our city dwellers. There are weekend parties and outings where these youngsters meet each other and tend to de-stress themselves. Some of the options they select for weekend parties are resorts in and around the cities. Mumbai has shown a great increase of the one day picnickers at the resorts. One of the well known water resorts near Mumbai is panoramic resort at Karnala. This resort near Panvel is located on a convenient distance from Mumbai.

A resort can be classified as a place of recreation and relaxation attracting visitors for vacations or one day entertainment to keep away from the everyday tensions of urban life. So naturally to keep away from hustle bustle of urban area, the location of the resort should be away from the city in quiet natural surroundings. If resorts are situated near the sea they are called sea side resorts. Ski resorts, mountain resorts and spa towns are commonly known as inland resorts. The best examples of town resorts are Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Nice in France, St. Moritz in Switzerland and blackpoll in England.

Nowadays the term resort is being used for a self contained establishment which provides vacationers ample entertainment in form of water sports, rides for children and swimming pools. Other facilities provided by resorts include food, lodging, and sports. Breakfast and meals are the specialties of every resort. Talking about the reputed resorts, Walt Disney World Resort is the best example of modern, self contained, commercial resort.

In our country one could find an all inclusive resorts. Such resorts charge fixed amount that includes everything from temporary lodging, unlimited food, sports activities, and entertainment in the form of water sports and slides in a swimming pool. In Mumbai these water resorts attract groups of one day picnickers to enjoy a day at the resort. For families and children separate swimming pools and water parks are provided at these resorts. These resorts prove to be more economic compared to the facilities they provide. And the best thing is that you don't have to carry your food and other essentials.

Panoramic resort at Karnala is an all inclusive resort. It provides all or one can say more facilities than the facilities which are normally provided by the water resorts near Mumbai. It is spread over a spacious plot of land surrounded by the greenery of the Sahyadris. It is so spacious that even big family functions or festival celebrations can be conveniently arranged. The resort has two luxury cottages, five duplex cottages and a conference hall.

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