Water Treatment and Testing - Top Tips For a Sparkling Swimming Pool and Hygienic Spa

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles


Follow these simple steps for a sparkling swimming pool all summer:

• Conduct a thorough check of your pool fence to ensure the gate locks automatically, and there are no chairs, plants or tables by the fence children could use as footholds

• Clean the pump and skimmer baskets
• Make sure the water level is halfway up the skimmer box. Skimming won't work if water level is too high
• Backwash sand filters or clean cartridges in cartridge filter.
• Increase filtration time, if necessary. Water should turnover completely in a day.
• Check salt chlorinator for calcium deposits and ensure it is operating properly.
• Run the pump for around 10 mins then take a sample of water below the waterline. Test the water or take it to your pool professional.
• Overall, the swimming pool's water should have no unpleasant taste or odour and it should be free of suspended matter, looking clear and sparkling. This is achieved through the correct chemical control and filtration.


Spa water can be very dangerous if not cared for properly. Even when it is not is use it still needs attention and maintenance. After every use:

• If less than one hour has been spent in the spa, add one teaspoon per person of chlorine to the spa and turn the pumps on high with the cover off for 5 minutes, then replace lid and allow water to reheat.

• If four hours are spent in the spa with people jumping in and out, then add 75 grams of chlorine to the spa water and leave pumps on high for 30 minutes with the cover off, then replace lid to reheat water.


• Remove filters and clean with fresh water with high pressure hose

• Add Chlorine (lithium hypochlorite) and run the pump for 20 mins

• Check pH and Alkalinity levels and adjust if needed

• If water is cloudy, you may need to use a water clarifier. Cloudiness can be caused by lack of chlorination, body lotions, hairspray, soap products, fake tan etc. To reduce this, ensure everyone using the spa has a shower before entering

• If spa is foaming up, you may need to use a de-foamer. Foaming can be due to the same causes as cloudiness or an unbalanced pH.


• Soak filters in filter cleaner

• Continue to clean filters with hose on a weekly basis

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