Water and Fitness Programs: The New Frontier of Fitness Fun  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2011 in Articles

Build your body like a God and swim like Aqua-man! Start getting into water and fitness programs that combine great cardio workouts with the movement of swimming and moving in water! Here is a great new way to train kicks for many martial artists and that would be simply kicking and punching underwater. It builds perfect resistance and due to this factor, it forces the body to exert more force than needed to get the task done.
Athletes from many sports rely on water-based training because it also creates great stamina and agility since more strength used to perform a simple task. Once on land, it is done with more strength and therefore more power is given out. A weird way to try and develop great legs underwater would be to play pool basketball hoop - a new sport where you must shoot or dunk a basketball into the hoop at either ends of the swimming pool. It is played like regular basketball only without the dribble and more like handball. It's an innovative way to train your body and with the way it's played. Just about everyone can have fun!
All sports are good for the body. The exercise helps it keep in shape and develops muscles that are useful for everyday life chores. The only difference however between land-based sports and water-based sports would be the cardio and stamina building that goes with the aquatic sports because of the constant pressure and resistance of the water against the player.
The amount of lung power that is needed to be a professional freestyle swimmer is amazing because there are those times they must hold their breath for long durations underwater before surfacing to get air. It's a practice that makes their lungs function in perfect condition.
Swimmers have agile bodies because of the speed and weight they must contend with when swimming. It targets all the muscles of the body and develops it to be perfect for water and fitness use. It's a great way to stay in shape especially when going to beach with friends. You can show people your skills and who knows for the guys, you get to impress the ladies. And for you ladies- you'll have men locked on you like torpedoes as you show your curves and swim like a mermaid.
Get into the water-fun craze and try your luck at pool basketball hoop, freestyle swimming, diving or maybe a simple game like water-polo to suit your fancy.unfortunately no horses.

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