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by Pool Builders on 04-16-2012 in Articles

There are countless reasons to put in a residential swimming pool, including economic, social, health, and entertainment benefits. And there is only one obvious drawback€"maintenance. Swimming pools require regular cleaning, chemicals, and equipment checks. They must also be emptied when the weather turns cold in some parts of the country and then refilled when it warms up again. With that said, few homeowners regret the decision to put in a backyard swimming pool. Not only does it increase the value of their properties, it also provides countless hours of family fun.

One of the most common concerns pool owners have is that little piece of paradise will develop a leak. They are right to be worried. The average residential swimming pool has over twelve hundred square feet of surface area and hundreds of feet of plumping underneath it. A hole the size of the head of pin can cause a pool to lose hundreds of gallons of water each a day! Worse yet, they are almost impossible for an untrained individual to find. Unless there is an actual crack, which is quite rare, it is unlikely that a pool owner will be able to locate a leak, much less repair it.

Like most structural problems, leaks are degenerative. In other words, they tend to get a lot worse and a lot more expensive unless they are repaired ASAP. As we mentioned, finding the actual leak is unlikely, but there are signs and symptoms that every pool owner should keep a close eye on.

The most obvious one is water loss. If your swimming pool loses more than inch of water in a 24-hour period, a leak is the most likely culprit. Leaks can also cause algae to form, even if the water has been treated. A leaky pool will also cause your automatic filler to constantly release more water to keep the pool filled. If you observe any of these symptoms, call a Dallas swimming pool leak repair professional immediately. Ignoring the problem will never make it go away. It will only result in higher repair costs down the road, as well as higher water and chemical bills in the present.

What will they do?

An experienced Dallas swimming pool leak repair professional will generally use two tests to locate a leak. The first is called a pressure test and it is used to assess the integrity of the plumbing system. Water is put into each line and if the pressure drops, it means there is a leak in that line. If the plumbing system is sound, the leak must be in the structure or shell of the pool. If this is the case, your Dallas swimming pool leak repair professional will perform a dye test.

After he visually identifies possible leak locations, the repairman will squirt a small amount of dye in the area to see if the suspected leak is actually resulting in water loss. If the dye is pulled out of the pool, the leak has been found. This simple and affordable test is highly effective at identifying leaks in every type of residential swimming pool.

Whether the problem is in the plumbing or in the pool shell itself, American Leak Detection can help. Their team of experienced leak detection specialists can identify most leaks in one to two hours. They can then repair or seal the leak and put an end to problem once and for all. If you need Dallas pipe leak repair, call (972) 441-4902 to schedule an appointment today!

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