Watercamp Resort As Cavite’s Oasis of Fun  

by Pool Builders on 05-14-2011 in Articles

During the 60 up to the 80s, Josephine Resort, as one of the most-loved Cavite swimming pool resorts was the place to go when outings and family vacations come in mind. Featuring merely two pools, the resort offered boating, bowling, skating, biking, and horseback riding soon after.

In 1999, after being a popular Cavite summer getaway for years, the resort underwent major renovation to introduce new technologies to constant guests and tourists from here and abroad. Launched with its new name, Watercamp Resort proudly showcases four interconnected pools, a 20-room inn, four family villas, and a very well-maintained natural fishpond for fishing and boating activities. It is even proud of being the top Cavite destination Caviteos, yuppies and children alike, for a rental pool party.

Certainly, there are more reasons for families and friends to enjoy in the pools of Watercamp Resort than any other place in Cavite. Parents usually gather around gazebos, umbrellas, canvasses, food court tables near inviting pools where they can enjoy watching their excited kids frolicking around.

Watercamp Resort boasts of its crystal-blue pool waters. That's why it has been dubbed as one of the best Cavite swimming pool resorts. In the Children's Interactive Pool, kids can swim and play with its interactive playground set. Of course, even an adult will not be able to hide the child in him once he discovers the relaxing massage-like force of water gushing out of the play system's branches. Guests can also unwind with Lazy River, a 160-meter lazy river pool that never fails to entice with its river-like water current atop a floater. Others even enjoy the benefits of going against the river pool current - relaxing belly muscles.

But if guests are really up to the fun, some of the best features to enjoy at the Watercamp Resort are its Dunk Pool where a cool pool makes for an exciting dunk after a thrilling ride from one the towering slides and its Adult Pool for avid swimmers to practice their butterfly strokes. When it comes to safety, there are rules that should be followed by the guests but the management exercise maximum degree of care for swimmers to avoid untoward accident.

Aside from being the freshwater oasis just outside Manila, Watercamp Resort is also proud of its Fisherman's Wharf especially-created to give guests the option to catch and grill their own fish. From then on, it easily became one of the most enticing features of the Watercamp Resort as the chosen one among the Cavite swimming pool resorts in the province.

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