Waterfalls and Fibre Optics - Finishing Your Swimming Pool With Style

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

The simple addition of a waterfall can change the character of a pool or spa instantly, bringing new life and interest to the area. The addition of fibre optics lighting to a waterfall will create a sensational display of colour to enhance the look of any water feature in any pool.

Hurlcon offer a variety of styles to add the perfect touch to any pool or spa. These waterfalls can be cut perfectly to fit around any pool shape. The Silkflow model releases a gorgeous, silky ribbon of water into your pool or spa. It can be cut to 300mm up to 2400mm in length. The Silkflow has quickly become on of the most popular models on the market. The Illusion model offers the same silky ribbon of water but with the added feature of fibre optic lighting to provide you with an amazing, fantasy-like swimming pool or spa.

The Cascade model is also offered by Hurlcon. The Cascade creates the visual image of sparkling beads of crystal clear water falling into the pool. It has a very soothing, tranquil effect on its surrounds as the water tumbles and splashes softly out of the lip of the waterfall.

Another Australian company, Waterblade, offer a customised range of Waterfalls and Waterwalls. With six lengths to choose from and three different lip extensions, there is a spectacular water feature available for any pool or spa. For superior lighting reflection, all fibre optic Waterblade and Rainblade models have a white top lip so their colours can be seen at their absolute best.

Your pool will look, and sound, like a distant and far away place that you will never want to leave.

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