Waterproof MP3 Player - What's the Best Way to Listen to Music While You Swim?

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2010 in Articles

The use of the waterproof MP3 player is becoming increasingly more widespread amongst swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts. Until recently, music players that could be used underwater have not been freely available, but significant technological advancements have meant that a number of new manufacturers have been able to produce a variety of music players that work underwater at a more affordable price. This article will give you more information on the range of Waterproof MP3 players together with an overview of the best one to buy to suit your requirements.

It has long been known that listening to music whilst you exercise can be extremely beneficial. In addition to making your work out pass that more quickly, choosing the right collection of tracks can provide motivation and encourage you to push your body further. Until relatively recently, the use of digital music players and headphones was restricted to those taking part in work outs or sporting activities on dry land. It is true that using your iPod in this manner can make it susceptible to moisture damage from rainwater or perspiration, but manufacturers have designed a range of sports headphones specifically for active use that are more rugged that your standard MP3 earphones and are moisture resistant.

But what about the many people who enjoy swimming, triathlon, surfing and other water-based activities to keep fit? Swimming can be just as monotonous as running, with very little change in scenery as you swim length after length of your local pool. Obviously, you cannot take your iPod with you into the pool to listen to your favourite music to pass the time whilst doing the breast stroke or front crawl. Or can you? With the advent of the Waterproof MP3 player you can!

There are several underwater MP3 players available to buy using two different methods of sound transfer to enable you to hear the music underwater. The majority of waterproof digital music players use the traditional air conduction technologies through earphones that fit over or in the ear. These are fine and offer an acceptable listening experience that can seem muffled from time to time. The other method, unique to the SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player uses bone conduction technology. This may seem strange at first but it has the ability to transfer sound vibrations from the cheekbone to the inner ear by means of a pair of bone conduction pads that fit to either side of your head against your cheeks. This technology provides the swimmer with excellent clarity of sound, so they can now hear a similar quality of sound as those who use their digital music player whilst exercising on dry land.

The Finis SwiMP3.1G waterproof MP3 player is the best choice for simplicity of use underwater together with its unique use of bone conduction pads. This is by far the best waterproof MP3 player to use while swimming. However, if you have budgetary constraints, the Speedo Aquabeat and Nu Dolphin are also good underwater music players that use earplugs so the sound clarity is not as good as the SwiMP3 player.

For more detailed information on the latest Waterproof MP3 player technology together with a comprehensive buying guide click the links below.

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