Ways For Keeping Pool Water Usage to a Minimum

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2010 in Articles

One of the hidden costs of pool usage is the water that's lost through evaporation (and a little bit from kids splashing around). With a few simple steps, you can save water,save money and save work. A pool cover and some planning will take care of a lot of the water loss.

There's a lot you can do which will drastically reduce water usage:

Stop overfilling.

The tendency is to fill pools right up to the top, and that's actually not the best option. The pool really needs to be below the top, mainly because equipment specifications in most pools are designed for that amount of water.

Shade and Wind Shelter.

Shade naturally stops evaporation, and it also creates a brilliant swimming environment. It's worth getting a few leaves in the pool for the great effects a good screen or canopy tree can provide. Obviously, you should avoid most Eucalyptus. Evergreens don't produce a lot of falling leaves anyway, check with your local nursery or a landscaper about installing a few around the pool area. Just make sure you don't get trees with big, invasive roots.

Other options include overhead and vertical -shades to block the light and heat tracks of the sun across the pool. These reduce the heat impact dramatically. They're great and easy to install for smaller pools, and can even be fitted to bigger ones with some supports installed.

(Note: They're also good for making sure young kids don't get too much direct sun, too.)

Pool covers

A cover is the quick, simple, and 100% effective cure for evaporation. Pool covers are guaranteed to defend your pool against the ferocious Australian sun and dry winds which can soak up  water like a sponge. Covers can save you a huge amount of water and endless refilling. They're the soft option if you don't want to spend hours wishing you were in the pool instead of filling it.

Pool tank

Pool tanks are an integral part of the "water neutral pool" concept, which is a strategy for sustainable water usage. A pool tank is basically a rainwater tank used to top up the pool. Sources indicate that these  tanks can actually provide surplus water, even during the big drought between 1997-2007.

With water prices predicted to rise, pool tanks can save big money, too, particularly over time. Get a new rainwater tank, because these are long life tanks, and can easily last the life of the pool.

Backwash minimization.

Backwash is necessary to clean filters, etc. It can be reduced in nearly all cases, and that can save a couple of thousand litres over a year. Talk to your local pool supplies people about your options, because they'll know how to deal with your equipment, and what's a trustworthy level of backwash for your equipment.

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