Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe Around The Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2011 in Articles

When it comes to fun in the sun and around your swimming pool, you know all about keeping your children safe. Remember, too that swimming pools are great areas for your dog to get some fun and exercise and spend time with the family. Pools are terrific for dogs for fun and exercise and a great way for them to spend time with the family.

Even though your family dogs might love to be around you in the swimming pool, keep in mind that dogs are NOT great swimmers and they tire easily. Here are our other top 10 ways to keep your dog safe in and around the swimming pool:

  1. Use the same safety precautions you'd use with a small child in, don't leave the dog in or around the swimming pool unattended.
  2. Keep your swimming pool always surrounded by a safety fence. It's crucial for the safety of both your children and your pets and it's probably required by law.
  3. Don't let your pool deck get cluttered with dog toys. They are temptations. If the toy falls in the pool, then the dog might jump in.
  4. Leaving more than one dog in the pool area unsupervised is a risk. I know of dogs that were bumped into a pool by the other dog.
  5. Have a dog first aid book, read it, and become familiar with reviving a dog that has drowned. Have the vet and emergency vet numbers handy.
  6. Teach the dog to swim, and do it enough until the dog doesn't panic in water. A dog that flails around in water, and can't take direction isn't swimming; it is just beating the water with its paws. Swimming looks different than panic.
  7. Have a visual target for the dog which is near the steps leading out of the water, and get the dog familiar with it and practice having him swimming toward it.
  8. Keep your dog in shape. A dog that isn't fit can't swim any better than a human that isn't in shape.
  9. Don't overly exhaust the dog while swimming or they will go under. Know your dog's capabilities.
  10. Preplan your pool construction with the idea that the dog needs sufficient footing to climb out of the pool. Small dogs, especially, can't make it up and out using the big steps of most pools.

It's always nice to be able to have Fluffy or Fido around the swimming pool when you're enjoying time with your family, just make certain you do it responsibly!

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