Ways to Save Money on your Texas Pool Bill  

by Pool Builders on 07-06-2011 in Articles

Texas is a great state for homeowners wishing to have or build a pool on their property. With the state's warm climate and moderate year-round temperatures, more and more Texans are building pools in their backyard.

While having a pool can significantly add to the fun and enjoyment of your home, sometimes that fun is overshadowed by the money it takes to maintain a TX pool. Between a cleaning system, chemicals, a pool pump, lights, and general maintenance, a TX pool may end up costing you around $200 or more per month. But don't let that deter you from building a pool, buying a TX home with a pool, or keeping your current pool in working order: continue reading to learn seven simple ways to save money on your TX pool bill.

1. Lower the Temperature - Perhaps the easiest way to save money on your TX pool bill is to lower its preset temperature. Did you know that, for every degree you lower your pool's temperature, you can save around $20 per month? It's true! By reducing your pool's temperature from a warm 84-degrees to a refreshing 78-degrees, you can save over $100 per month!

2. A Solar Cover lets the Sun do the Work - A solar cover can help you save money on your TX pool bill, because it uses energy from the sun to heat your pool. Rather than run a pool heater during cooler months, a solar cover acts as a lid, trapping heat and keeping your pool water warm and comfortable. Pool solar covers are available for less than $100 and can pay for themselves in a matter of weeks with what you'll save in energy bills. And of course, if you do not use your pool during cold months, winterize and close down your pool to protect it from damage. Doing so will virtually eliminate your TX pool bill during those months.

3. Switch from a Gas Heater to a Heat Pump - One of the best ways to save money on your TX pool bill is to upgrade from a gas heater to a heat pump. On average, a gas heater costs roughly 40% more to run than a heat pump. Plus, if you combine a heat pump with a solar cover, you could reduce your TX pool bill by as much as 60% per month (as compared to a gas heater). That's a savings of hundreds of dollars a year!

4. Get a 2-Speed Pool Pump - To save money on your TX pool bill, switch to a 2-speed pool pump system. A 2-speed pump can run at both normal and low speeds, an option that will help lower your electric bill but still keep your pool water clean and safe.

5. Install a Pool Pump Timer - On average, swimming pool pumps should run for about 8 hours per day to help circulate and clean the pool water. Some pools, however, are smaller than others and may only need a pool pump to operate between 4 to 6 hours per day to keep the water clean. In such cases, you can set your pool pump on a timer so that it does not work harder and longer than necessary. Doing so can help you save money on your TX pool bill. Just be sure to regularly check the water quality to ensure sufficient cleanliness and chemical balance.

6. Size Matters - If you have a smaller-than-average pool, make sure that the pool pump is appropriately sized. Small pools can remain clean and safe with a pool pump of a lower horsepower. Switching from a 1.5 horsepower pump to a 1 horsepower pump, for example, can help you save up to $250 on your TX pool bill every year.

7. Use an Energy-Efficient Motor - If you're in the market for a new pool pump, or plan to stay in your current home for at least two more years, invest in an energy-efficient pump motor. "Going green" in this regard can help you save up to 30% on your TX electric bill - that's a savings of hundreds of dollars a year!

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