Website Designers and Swimming Pools!

by Pool Builders on 08-24-2014 in Articles

This is my first article on web design. Well actually it isn't... It's about me.

This should be on the "about me" page, so I might move this over later.

So here goes...

It was never my intention of getting into website designing. I wanted to leave my website in the hands of a web designing company. For the first year, I had two attempts at hiring two different companies to build the site, which in all fairness the first one did do a good job of the website until I became dissatisfied with their actions or lack of it, and when I moved the site to another designer to take care of this too turned into a bit of a failure. (More on this down the page).

Anyway before I got into website designing I started back into swimming pools in 2008 after a spell studying to be, I suppose you would call it a "Surveyor" a known (at the time) government backed, project that would see me and many others self-employed... However nope! It didn't happen. Like all government actions and some ill thought out ideas, where there are two opposing political parties involved with differing opinions, and after the investment in my future it went "tits up" So that's when I got out and started a swimming pool company. I would advise anyone considering doing any business or anything else to do with the government of the day, is to make sure that all political parties are reading from the same sheet, as you just cannot trust politicians, and as almost a last note, there was no compensation for us from the government. Caveat emptor. "Let the buyer beware... " I, along with many others were sold a pup.

I reckon 95% of all our problems come from government and local government decisions and the remaining 5% is choosing the wrong birthday present for your partner... Rant over!

Anyway rant over! As I said I started back into swimming pools for my region of Monmouthshire Cardiff way and Gloucestershire, and as luck would have the financial system began to "break" in 2008 and we started to head into a recession. (Aye! There's nothing like good timing.) However I ploughed on for the next 6 years until this year when the poor weather and lack of orders finally broke the back. I decided these swimming pools would not be my prime business and it would take a back seat from now on (All though I would still keep my hand in).

Back in 2008 I hired some web designers from Bristol to build me a website for the swimming pool business. In the beginning they were people to deal with, they did a great job of the website design, and I had, access to CMS (Content Management System), but the communications with the company was awful, so I decided to try another website designer from Cardiff that I thought, would be better to deal with, but again, the same thing happened...

I became disenchanted with how these website designers behaved? So much so I lost faith in any one offering to build a website for me.

During the time my website was hosted with these two designers I discovered small snippets on how a website works and decided to do more research about building my own website.

More to come later about Website designing and my swimming pool business!"

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