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Las Vegas with its 100 degree days for weeks at a time during the summer months boasts 30 million visitors per year. What does this mean to a pool service Las Vegas company?
Most homeowners are very familiar with pool services that are offered by pool cleaning companies here in the Las Vegas Valley. There are a wide variety of pool maintenance options available to swimming pool owners to choose from. Some homeowners prefer to sign up for weekly pool maintenance with companies that offer weekly services.

Pool Service Costs
Owning and maintaining a pool here in Las Vegas, if trying to service it yourself as a homeowner, can be quite frustrating at times. However, hiring the services of a professional service Las Vegas Company can be not only affordable but very convenient for you and your family.
Homeowners who have swimming pools in their backyards are usually quite familiar with the cost offered by pool cleaning service companies here in the Las Vegas Valley. The most basic service that you as a homeowner can sign up for is a weekly pool service maintenance which usually involves a contract over a short period of time normally around one year. Prices can range from $69 a month up to and including $149 a month average depending on the size and condition of your swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance
Most pool service companies here in Las Vegas offer a wide variety of services which include chemical balancing, weekly maintenance services, filter cleaning's, emergency services, and recommendations for upgrades and modernization to your swimming pool.

Weekly Pool Service Outline
When it comes to service here in the Las Vegas Valley with its extremely hot weather and windy periods at times, having a professional service company is absolutely critical to your warm weather enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool. Basically there are few common steps involved in the weekly services provided by your pool cleaning company.
Initially, in some situations, but not all, the pool is emptied and then the tile and plaster are brushed with special tile cleaning solvents that can bring your tile back up to its original luster.
Emptying the skimmer baskets and cleaning them out along with setting the electronic weekly skimmer is a very important part of the weekly pool service maintenance program.
The pump and filter baskets are also absolutely critical to maintain the overall healthiness of your swimming pool, these two items must be emptied and cleaned of surface debris each and every visit.
As the skimmer does its work, the pump and filter are slowly filled up with debris that the skimmer has taken away from the surface.
As mentioned earlier, the chemicals will be tested and their levels adjusted in order to make sure that your water is clean and hygienic for the people who use your pool. From time to time Las Vegas experiences periods of high wind. In this case you can make use of the emergency weekly pool services that your pool cleaning company offers.

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