Weigh Pros and Cons of a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-09-2009 in Articles

Want to get a swimming pool installed in your house? It's a great thought. But have you weighed all the pros and cons of the same? Here are few of them in order to help you make a well-calculated decision.


A swimming pool is the best solution to beat the heat in summer. If you live in a fairly hot climate zone, then it makes more sense to have a pool because you can use your pool practically year-round. It's a great place to relax, get some sun and exercise. You will need nothing else to rejuvenate yourself after a long and tiring day if you have a pool at home. It's a great place for friends to gather as you can arrange a lot of pool side parties on weekends or otherwise. If you organize a poolside party you can be sure that everyone is enjoying and is entertained without worrying about taking care of the guests. You can add a spa to the pool to make it more relaxing.

You can plant trees or add greenery to the area around the pool to give it a tropical look.

Your kids can learn swimming in their personal pool. This will eliminate the danger of their catching some water-borne disease from someone else while using a public pool. Also, it's a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Keeping a pool in pristine condition is a big job, and therefore provides a great opportunity to teach responsibility to older kids. As the job of maintaining a pool involves skills like problem solving, memorization and attention to detail, you can teach all these skills to your kids by giving them some cleaning tasks to do. This will not only help your kids learn how to be responsible, it will also give them a sense of accomplishment and contribution.


Construction of a swimming pool is a very expensive affair. Not only this, extra care has to be taken to ensure that all the specifications and conditions are met. A faulty construction can jeopardize the safety of the entire house. You have to ensure that there is no leakage and no water stagnation. After the construction, even the maintenance of the swimming pool is a mammoth task. Even a day's neglect could lead to health issues. Unclean pool can lead to respiratory, skin and lung infections. You have to ensure that proper chemicals are used and they are mixed in right proportions. More precautions have to be taken during rainy season as the growth of algae is more in that season. If your pool has developed algae, make sure that all devices and materials are properly disinfected. Depending on the type of pool, you will have to do weekly, monthly, bi-yearly and yearly maintenance. You can either hire a professional swimming pool cleaning company or take lessons to do the task yourself.

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