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€Hotels that offer high quality services in an absolutely unbelievable price€

Cagayan de Oro, located at the heart of Misamis Oriental, Philippines is a very great place to stay. Known for its white water rafting adventure, it stands out to be one of the most adventure cities in Mindanao.

But is it really just that? Is that the only reason why tourist are attracted to this place? The reason why people love to stay here? Is this the only thing that people remembers when they leave this place? The only thing that people talk about?

I hope not, because CDO has a lot to offer.

Cagayan de Oro Hotels are also one of a kind. Known for their high quality service in such a unbelievable price. So these are the qualified hotels:

Marigold Hotel - The Marigold Hotel has 38 elegant and well furnished guest rooms. Each room is equipped with modern amenities for the guests' convenience. It is the best and well known Hotel in the Philippines. It attracts many tourists to its hotel, maybe a few negative comments but a lot of positive one.

Country Village Hotel - A home away from home. That's their motto. Country Village Hotel is a haven of a breezy tropical setting of great charm within the rousing and blossoming city of Cagayan de Oro- the City of Golden Friendship. A paradise in the city, Country Village Hotel offers 52 rooms and suites with balconies that open up to a lush garden and swimming pool with a vast tropical landscape.

Uptown Condotel - A condominium and a hotel in one - A CONDOTEL. Other hotels may offer you a luxurious room with luxurious amenities but we offer a home away from home with style and elegance of a naturally luxurious accommodation that you cannot defy.

Koresco Hotel - This hotel is a very elegant hotel. It has grande rooms and function rooms. It also has a gigantic swimming pool with a pool bar beside it. It even has a fitness center to tone down those fats. Koresco Hotel is a well-known hotel in CDO.

Ridgeview Chalets - Find your ideal state of relaxation in the private setting of a sprawling estate. Here, spectacular views of Macajalar Bay and the valley are yours to savor, but you can enjoy more than the great panorama. Indulge in an invigorating sport of your choice.

As you view these hotels, it's worth bragging about and its only here in Cagayan de Oro. The hotel standards are internationally based. That's why they have international service and class

Stay in these hotels. Stay in Cagayan de Oro. Why?

Because its more fun in CDO.

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